Indexed files location

Hello all

I have a stupid question regarding the location of my files
Currently all my databases have indexed files and these files are stored on my second hard drive I have on my MacBook Pro.
Later this year I hope to change my laptop to a new one in which I’ll have only 1 ssd which will be smaller than what I need if I want to have my files currently on my second hard drive on 1 HDD.
So my idea is to reuse as external drive my second internal hard drive by buying a box to put in the HDD and connect it to my new MBP.
Is this something at risk regarding the link between my DTpro dibs and their indexed files or not?

This should be possible as long as the name/path of the volume will remain the same.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I hope that removing from the current location my HDD to put it into an external box won’t break the path.