Indexed files moved into DevonThink database

To access indexed files on ToGo, I moved some indexed files into the Mac’s DevonThink database, by using the right click menu command to do so.

The Mac synced, to a Dropbox sync store, and the ToGo synced. Still the formerly indexed files are not available on the ToGo. Why? I am certain that the files are in fact no longer synced files but are part of the Mac’s local DevonThink database.

This isn’t necessary actually.

Is the sync store option to synchronize indexed items enabled on the Mac?

No. I can’t enable that option for the whole database. The databases indexes huge volumes of videos and other files.

My plan was to move some but only some of the indexed files into my Mac DevonThink database. These would no longer be indexed files. So, once so moved, these files should become part of the sync store. When the sync is performed with the ToGo, I would expect the files to become available in ToGo. But they are not.

Thanks for such quick replies.

You are describing abnormal behavior.

If you have a Sync location set to not Synchronize indexed content, content imported into the database will still Sync.

I just verified the behavior by indexing some content into a database and Syncing it to a Dropbox location, then DTTG2 (shallowly Synced but that shouldn’t matter).

I then moved two of the files into the database and Synced. DTTG2 Synced and content was avaiable to download from the Sync location.

For me, although the previously indexed files are moved into the database (their path is into the datase), the location field in the Mac still shows the indexed location (external to the database).

Is that normal?

Absolutely in the local Mac database, but the file is absolutely not available in ToGo.

I could work around by importing the documents, but I’d like to understand why the “move to database” command seems to cause the unexpected behavior.

Thanks again for the attention.

More: If I move a file into the database, and then duplicate the file in the same group, then the duplicate file can be accessed on To Go. The original file, although in the local Mac database, shows a thumbnail, and shows a download link, as well as the files size. Clicking on that link, however, does not cause a download of the whole file, a time spinner shows, as if downloading is in progress, and then the thumbnail re–emerges.

Also, the cloud icon beneath the file name in the side panel never goes away, even after the download link is clicked. The behavior seems the same as if the file were indexed, and were not in the Mac’s local DEVONThink database.

No. It’s not even logical as the imported files will have an internal path, like “./jpg/1/happyFace.jpg”

Ok – all is well. I deleting the sync location on To Go and then re-added it. Now everything works as expected. Mac files now become available on To Go when moved into the DEVONThink Mac local database from an index, exactly as expected.

Thanks for the patience and support.

Glad to hear it’s working now. Enjoy the rest of your week!