Indexed Files not showing up on my Synced Mac

Hi All - I have a database of indexed files from a folder on my hard drive (its an InSync folder) that has local copies on the hard drive. I have synced this database via dropbox and I have “synchronize contents of index items” checked. When I try and access this database from my iMac, it shows up and I imported it but the files say not available yet and the download button is greyed out. Any ideas ??


I use a similar set up and generally it works well.

Make sure:

  • On both machines the Dropbox folder is in the same $HOME-relative location (e.g. on both machines ~/Dropbox)
  • The database (which contains/references the indexed subfolder of ~/Dropbox), this database is synced to both Macs through DevonTHINK’s sync system.

If it still goes wrong, gives us more details (What error message do you get?)

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Thanks for your help - its not Dropbox, but insync, a similar service. The thing is, that the paths are NOT the same between computers … I did that in the past and it worked, so what you say makes perfect sense. I just assumed that because what I want to do works on iOS, meaning sync contents of indexed items, lets me see and edit the files the same would be true for Mac??? @BLUEFROG, is that the case??

Thanks Again

As previously mentioned, the local Dropbox directory should be in the same relative location on the Macs. By default it’s in the root of the Home directory ~/Dropbox.

OK - But this isn’t dropbox - its similar. Its called InSync (… Hopefully I am being clear, but what I am asking is that even though the file paths are different when you use iOS on DTTG, if I make sure to check sync contents of index items, I see my files on the iPad. I am NOT seeing them on the Mac… Is that expected? I will load insync on the other Mac and see if that fixes things.
Thanks for your time.

Indexed files are stored with absolute paths, regardless of their location. This means the files must be found in the same relative location on the Macs.

Also, there is no specific support for this service you’re referring to so you’re treading in uncharted waters. And this “save your local space” comment on their site sounds suspiciously like keeping files only in the cloud. That would not be a good idea for indexed files.

OK Thanks for the feedback. Its like dropbox’s selective sync feature to save space. I am only using it because I need to use google drive for certain files at work and this is better than the google client.

I downloaded insync on the 2nd Mac and when I opened DT it “found” the files just as expected. Thanks

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Glad to hear it and you’re welcome. :slight_smile: