Indexed folder in OneDrive, created folders in DEVONThink to show on OneDrive and adding from inbox?

So I’m a Mac user at home and Windows at work. I find I work faster by having all my files I need to work in one location.

Right now I’m frustrated as for example I have to scroll through my photos on my iPhone to find certain things I’ve taken photos of. I have PDF’s on my Mac that I reference and my work PC in my email or the school’s OneDrive.

My goal would be to be able to sync the folders I create in DevonThink and have it synced to my work computer with the folders and such. I like processing on my Mac and putting stuff in my inbox and then going to file stuff. I know DevonThink has the ability for indexing, would this work for my needs? Can it sync both ways? The idea is that I’ll be making the changes on my Mac primarily, might occasionally want to add things from work. Also, my school uses Microsoft 365. I can use Microsoft 365 on my Mac from home as well.

I successfully indexed OneDrive on my work database in DevonThink. I already had some folders I’d created in DEVONthink that I’ve put files from the database inbox into. Problem is those files don’t show in OneDrive even after syncing the indexed database. Does this make sense?

Thoughts or other solutions appreciated.

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Version 3 (public beta now available) has a tighter filesystem integration, e.g. creating groups/docs in indexed groups automatically creates the items in the Finder.


Looks like I’ll be upgrading to the public beta then!

Do bear in mind… DEVONthink 3 is in beta testing, meant for testing, finding and reporting reproducible bugs. It should not be used in mission-critical or production environments. Also, we advocate running it on a separate macOS user account with test data or copies of data.

Hmm good point, how long do you think it’ll be in beta for? I do make regular backups. That said I’d keep DevonThink 2 until it’s released out of beta.

We don’t give out timeframes on development but we’re anticipating early summer for public release - again estimating.

Thanks. I think in the meantime I might see if a workaround is possible with Transmit.

You’re welcome.