Indexed folder keeps creating new copies of same file?

Hi all,

I have indexed a folder in iCloud Drive to DEVONThink. I am using iaWriter to edit documents in this indexed folder. Let’s say I created a document named “test”.

At first instance nothing goes wrong but after a couple of minutes I receive copies (and copies of copies) of the same file in the indexed folder, called “test”, “test copy-1”, “test-copy-2” etc. Even though I only created 1 file. These copies appear in iaWriter as well as in DEVONThink.

Does someone know why this error occurs? Please find attached two screenshots. Bear in mind that I only created 1 file named “test” in the indexed folder.

It seems that it is mainly occurring when I create the document in iaWriter in the indexed iCloud folder, then I go to DEVONThink and edit the document further in DEVONThink (in the mirrored/indexed folder). After I do that, random copies (and copies of copies) occur. Is this something that can’t be done? Meaning that if the folder is indexed I can only edit it in one text-editor (and never further edit in DEVONThink) otherwise I keep getting these copies?

Is the path of the indexed files identical?

Thanks for the quick response!

I just deleted the files because all the copies kept coming. I tried to recreate the problem now but somehow it doesn’t occur yet! Once it re-occurs I’ll report back to see if the path of the indexed files are identical

Did you also wmpty the database’s Trash?

Yeah I tried that as well during the time the copies kept coming. However, after that the issue still persisted.

It happened not yet anyhow after deleting all the files - so fingers crossed!

Okay. Let us know.