Indexed folders not updating

Encountering a weird behavior related to indexing dropbox folder and the app/site

I have a folder on Dropbox indexed by DevonThink. Works as it should: add a file, it shows up in DT.

But I have a IFTTT recipe that creates a new text file in that Dropbox folder at specific times. Even though these files show up in Dropbox, DT does not index them. (If I drag them out of the Dropbox folder, and drag them back in, DT does index them.)

I’ll keep testing this, but wondered if there was some known issue about files getting added to an indexed folder remotely (not by the user).

I don’t use IFTTT, but I’m not seeing an issue with any updating of indexed files.

I’ve dropped files into Dropbox in browser and in the Finder and used touch in Terminal to create a new file. All were updated are triggered this simple smart rule…

Well, forget the IFTTT and Dropbox connections: I seem to be having trouble with any indexed folder updating properly in this one database. For example, I:

  • created a folder on my OS desktop
  • added it as an indexed folder to DT
  • dragged a new text file into that folder on the desktop

And that file does not show up in the indexed folder in DT. I try the command “Update Indexed Items”, and nothing changes.
However an indexed folder in another database works fine.

I’m going to have to poke around some more with this. This is the same database that was having issues with the smart rules, so maybe I need to rebuild it.

Update: rebuilding the database seems to have broken the connection between some of the indexed folders and their corresponding OS folders.

I had 4 indexed folders in this database. Three of them are now empty, even though there are files in their corresponding OS folders. The inspector for these indexed folders still shows the proper path, and selecting “show in finder” shows the correct folder in the OS.

What is odd is the one indexed folder which did not “break” is updating perfectly.

You definitely have something abnormal happening. Rebuilding hasn’t broekn anything here. Strange…

Is there a way to “re-bless” the connection between an indexed folder and it’s OS counterpart? Or do I just need to delete and add again?

I just tried working with indexed folders in a brand new database, and they are working fine. Except for one situation:

  • If I index a folder that lives onDropbox, then delete a file in that folder via the Finder, DT will still show that file, but with the warning “File missing” in the preview.

So it looks like my one database has “something” going wrong. I verified, repaired, optimized, and rebuilt it. Is there anything else I could try? I’m thinking of just manually exporting everything then reimporting it into a new database (luckily it’s relatively small).

I rebuilt this database manually (page 157 of the manual, thanks!), and it seems to be behaving correctly now. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Glad to hear it!

(page 157 of the manual, thanks!)

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