indexed groups linked directly to the folder on the finder


I was wondering, how technically feasible would it be for indexed groups in DT to be synced constantly to the finder, so any changes to folder on the finder let to an instant change in the DT folder. And conversely, have the developers ever looked at having that work in reverse; so that any changes in DT, including deletions or additions, were reflected in the finder?

The reason I ask is that I have just started post-graduate studies and have been keeping the main study materials on the finder as I have in past (i want to know EXACTLY where everything is) and I have indexed that folder, but wanting to use some more of the functionalities of DT for my studies, like web clippings. I am worried that if I use the indexed groups in DT entirely in DT, or replicated from the indexed group to other non-indexed groups, I might loose all of this if I move or make any changes to the items in the finder.

Does anyone else wish for direct syncing between indexed groups in DT and the finder folders which are indexed?

I would like it too. Means I could manage and search all my files regardless of where they are. I would move most everything to Dropbox and keep it indexed with DTP.

That’s possible by using File > Update Indexed Items or by attaching the script Synchronize.scpt (see folder Extras > Scripts > Triggered on downloaded disk image) to indexed groups.

Deletions are already reflected if you’re choosing the “Files” or “Files & Folders” option while emptying the trash (only available if it’s containing indexed items).