Indexing a OneDrive folder, DT mobile not showing folders/Files?

Hi everyone. I have a challenge/question and I am sure I am doing something wrong. Here’s my scenario and the issue I am facing.

I have a one Drive folder with about 6000 files, mainly PDF and PowerPoint‘s and some Word and Excel files as well. So I created a new database on my iCloud folder using DT3 CloudKit syncing. All the files indexed on one of my computers. I created couple of text files in the database. Those files that I created manually synced without any problems. The folder that I imported from one drive is not showing up on my other computer as well as the iOS devices. Any suggestions or am I doing something wrong? Is that or the way to use index folders in DT3?


What exactly do you mean by this? Where does the database reside (so what is the path to the database)?

Did you import it or index it?

Which method are you using to sync the iOS devices?

I can think of a number of reasons, including that Apple’s iCloud or Apple’s CloudKit are flawed. Certainly within the realm of possibilities.

First start though, by checking if you turned off synchronizing the content of indexed files. See page 171 of the DEVONthink manual (also in Help which has same content but harder for me to give you a pointer). The option is in Sync Preferences.

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Sorry for the poor explanation.
The database I created is in a folder in my iCloud folder.
I have a folder on the same drive, in a different OneDrive folder. This is where the files reside. I indexed it. I need to index. Import will either copy or move files. I want to keep the original files in their folder without importing to DT3.
I am syncing using the iCloud (CloudKit). I will check the recommendation made below now.

The database (extension dtBase2 or dtSparse) is really stored in your iCloud Drive folder? This shouldn’t even be possible.

Putting DEVONthink database files on cloud synced folders is not recommended by DEVONthink. High probability a synch happening while the database is “open” leading to corruption of the database. This recommendation documented in the DEVONthink manual.

What is reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

Yes. That is correct…My bad…It is under users, Databases…