Indexing (and previewing) .raku source code files


I’m using Devonthink Pro (v. 3.8.3) on a Mac (Monterey Version 12.3) and have placed a bunch of (text only) source code files (raku language (.raku file extension)) in a group. They are not indexed/searchable nor do they show preview of the text. They do show as Bbedit Document (Kind) - although double clicking the files does not open them in Bbedit (rather, just opens a window with a blank file icon). If I rename the files (for example, supplying .pl file extension instead of .raku), then they are both indexed and preview-able.

Can I get DevonThink to recognize these .raku files as text documents (with a text preview), index them and open in default application (BBEdit) when double-clicking them? I suspect the problem/solution is more in the Mac O/S domain (QuickLook?) but not sure what to do to fix.

Thanks much for any pointers/help.

The next release will support this extension, in the meantime you could use the hidden preference AdditionalPlainTextExtensions (see appendix of help).

Thanks for the quick response! I followed the directions in the AdditionalPlainTextExtensions help document you suggested, deleted then re-added the documents - and they are now both indexed and preview-able. Thanks again