Indexing & Automatic Syncing

Hi there,
This is probably a really stupid question, but I just searched the help function and the forums and couldn’t figure it out.

How can I keep my Bookends Attachment folder synchronized with DTPO? I tried attaching the Folder Action Script (Action Index) to the folder (in the Finder), but if I do that, all the newly added attachments end up in my global inbox, rather than in the Bookends Attachment Group in my database. Do I need to modify the script to tell DT where these attachments should be indexed? It seems that there should be an easier solution to keep the folders synchronized. But if not, does someone have a sample script? (I don’t know how to write scripts…)

Thanks for your help.

This is a case for which I would suggest that you Index (File > Index) the Bookends database. Then whenever you select the corresponding group (Bookends Attachment Group) and invoke File > Synchronize, it will be synchronized to your Bookends database.

I don’'t know whether you ever edit those documents, e.g., highlighting or Skim notes, but if so the changes would be reflected in both databases.

Thanks, Bill. Yes, this is exactly how I have it set up. However, I was hoping that there is a way to automatize the synchronize function, so that I don’t have to click on File > Synchronize every time I add an attachment.

What about attaching the Synchronize script to the indexed group? It works fine for me with the Sente attachments folder. It just takes a little while to sync whenever I open it up.

What is the synchronize script and where would I find it? I only have the Action Index script, which I tried to attach to the group, but nothing happens. Am I missing a script?

Thanks for your help.

I found a script called Synchronize.scpt in the Extras folder that comes with DT Pro. It’s in Extras/Scripts/Examples/.

Then I selected the indexed folder inside DT, Get Info and selected the aforementioned script in the Script field of the Get Info window.

Hope it works for you.

Thanks, for some reason, I didn’t have that script on my HD, and I had to reinstall it. Works like a champ. Thank you for your help!