Indexing bib files

I’m new to DevonThink although it is the app more than any other that made me switch from a PC to my lovely new MacBook.

I’ve seen the suggestion that you can use the Index function to synchronise a .bib file generated by BibDesk within DevonThink. However when I try it the synchronising doesn’t work. Using Index seems no different from using Import except for the little squiggle I get next to the item name. The file imports very well but it would be great if I could synchronise any changes I make within BibDesk rather than having to do a fresh import each time. Any ideas anyone?

Synchronizing of BiBTeX files is not yet supported, therefore the only solution is to delete & reimport the files.

That would explain it: obviously the post I saw somewhere suggesting this method was premature! Many thanks for the super-prompt response.