indexing does not follow aliases

I am trying to make Devonsphere do something that Devonthink does every day.
I have lots of pdfs in a folder inside a Sente library. DTPO accepts an alias and happily indexes all the pdfs inside this library, and Sente can manage the pdfs themselves, so everyone is happy.
Devonsphere on the other hand is not, it does not accept an alias nor will it search inside the bundle that is the Sente library, it seems Devonsphere treats it as an opaque object.

Would it be possible to make Devonsphere act like DTPO in this regard?

Thanks for taking it into consideration


Thanks for the feedback! Aliases/Symbolic Links are indeed not resolved. However, you could add the Sente folder the list of locations.

No, that does not work either sadly, as I said, the attachment folder for the pdfs lives inside a bundle.
Off the top of my head I believe that DTPO does not look inside the bundle by itself either, but is able to follow the alias, which is all I would need.

Is there a way to make Devonsphere work like DTPO in this regard?


It should already work but only if the bundle (and therefore the attachment folder) is not located inside other selected locations.

Internally devonbot merges the locations if possible to avoid multiple & unnecessary scans but in this case it’s causing troubles as contents of bundles aren’t scanned.

thanks for the explanation.
Although I was not entirely happy to have to remove my reference collection from my data folder eventually I did restructure my folder hierarchy and everything works as advertised now.
Synching is a little more involved now with two folders to keep track of but hey.

Thanks for the helpful hint, this has made Devonsphere a lot more useful for me.