Indexing external drives prompts for certain apps.

I am indexing some external hard drives, and for some reason Devonthink will pause and ask me where several different applications are located:

AppleShare IP Mail Migration
Adobe Distiller 3.0
Apple Guide

Does anyone know why this is occurring? I would like to index these drives without having to babysit them and cancel this dialog when it pops up.

Are you capturing the entire contents of those external drives? Perhaps orphaned aliases of applications were encountered. It so, the program is attempting to resolve them.

Note: Unless the capture is intended to be a catalog I never capture all of the files on a drive into a DT database, as many of them would serve no useful purpose.

The most interesting files in a database are those that contain text. DEVONthink is at its most powerful use when it’s helping you to find and analyze the textual information in a document collection.

Disabling the option to import/index AppleScript scripts (see Preferences > Import > Files) should fix this.

Thanks for the responses: Yes I am indexing the entire contents of the drives. My goal is to be able to search them without have to connect to them ( I have 8 portable drives )