Indexing external folders – exclude certain file types

Is it possible to have DT indexing external folders and tell it to exclude all sound files?

No. Indexing includes all files.

You cannot tell DEVONthink to exclude files, but you can exclude files by hiding them. I index my Notebooks folder – Notebooks puts a .plist file next to every document. I don’t want the .plists to appear in DEVONthink, so I have Hazel hide the .plists. DEVONthink does not index hidden files.

Here’s the Hazel rule. (Thanks to Greg Jones for this technique.)

Nice workaround. But that means the files are hidden in the Finder as well? These are recordings of interviews I’ve made, stored together with text documents. I want to have both available in the Finder, but in DT it would do with just the text. And, since sound files are fairly large, even have a positive impact on performance?

How do I reverse this?

You change hidden to nohidden in the command korm gave.

Thanks. Would I also have to change the “File invisible” value to true?

Every time I preview this rule in Hazel (to hide the .plist, not unhide), it throws an error saying the Extension is .plist portion of the rule is “does not match.” But I am staring right at the .plist files in a particular subfolder. The bizarre thing is that this seems to have worked for me last night because The .plist files in all other subfolders are gone. I deleted the rule and have now tried to set it back up, but I’m running into this issue.

Never mind. Figured out I have to make the rule go into the subfolders too.

Glad to hear it.