indexing files coming from a NAS as searchable pdf

Hello everybody,
I recently switched from PC to apple and just downloaded devonthink pro office in order to replace my PC-based document management system (paperport). So I’m a newbie :slight_smile:
I’m now trying to fix my new workflow of scanning and indexing.
I have a map on a NAS-device with all my new scans (pdf) and I want to index them automatically into devonthink (they have to remain in the same folder on the NAS, so I don’t ‘import’ them)
I managed to index the files in the folder automatically with mapactions but they always appear as mere pdf and it seems I can’t search the content of these files ? Other files that I imported just for trying, appear as pdf+text. I suppose this means a searchable pdf ?
I can convert these pdf-files manually into searchable pdf but I was wondering if there was another way of doing this automatically ?
Do you know any good online tutorials ?
thanks !