Indexing files - location absolute or relative

Are the files listed by absolute position (with reference to the file location on the drive - i.e. /Users/username/Documents/Files) or relative ( with reference to the location of the database)

I am asking because I am debating on including all files in the database or just indexing the files and copying the directory when I need to move it to my laptop.

Gene Bertman


The paths to the files are ‘absolute’ in the sense that they refer to the position of the files on the drive. Moving files to a different volume will definitely break the paths.

The paths are not as ‘absolute’ as absolute hyperlinks in a Web site. OS X can still find files so long as they remain on the same volume.

See DT Pro’s Scripts > Path & URL > Update Paths. This can help fix broken paths, e.g. when you transfer everything to a different computer or move stuff around on different volumes. But it is still a bit tricky.

Although my databases are primarily self-contained, I still have some external files (Word .doc files and some very large Indexed PDFs, images and QT media). I put those external files in a folder named “Fodder for DEVONthink Pro” to make it a simpler matter to move to another computer.

One more note: Paths to files/folders inside your user directory are relative to this directory.