Indexing, FileVault, Time Machine, and Folders

FileVault or some other encryption is necessary for me and I’m sure at least some other users of DT. In fact, I’m even using it at home because of modest concerns about burglary. I also use TimeMachine. Unfortunately, all of this means that large DT volumes are a problem because they imply lengthy delays while FileVault and TimeMachine do their thing at the time of logout. The delays can be VERY long (an hour or so) if one doesn’t log out regularly (at least once a day). That implies that indexing seems preferable for me.

QUESTION to those with relevant experience: Rather than have all of the gazillions of DT’d files just sit in Documents, it would seem to me reasonable to have side-by-side folders in Finder, called (e.g., ) ProjectX raw and ProjectX DT. The latter, of course, would be the DT volume, and would be indexed. To move my stuff from one computer to another I would want to copy both folders. Does this make sense to people with experience (including making mistakes)? A corollary would be “why not create a single Finder folder that contains the DT “folder” (volume) plus all the raw files?” That would seem to work even better, perhaps with the DT volume “labeled” in a color so as to distinguish it. Would this be even better or it might cause troubles for DT, FileVault, or TimeMachine somehow?


  1. Even “smallish” DT volumes get into the GB range quickly, in my work and some can be more like 6 or more. In the future, I would expect even larger ones.

  2. If I try to move a group of files in the same folder as the DT volume into the DT window using CMD-Option to force indexing, it doesn’t work. However, if I START moving them over as though I were copying, and then apply CMD-Option when the icons are hovering above the DT preview window, the indexing works. This may or may not be a “bug” in DT, but it’s confusing.

The next beta will support editing of indexed files and therefore the biggest disadvantage will be gone.

I am being rather denser than usual today, but what will “editing of indexed files” do that we cannot do now? Now I can change filenames, comments, modify other metadata, open in external editors, sync to see the changes, and so forth.

You cannot yet e.g. edit indexed plain/rich text files or web archives using DEVONthink.