Indexing Folders


I’m just getting started with DT. Therefore I created a database, then I startet to index a folder (including subfolders) on my Mac. Unfortunately, like this, the folder structure gets a little bit bloated. What I mean is, for example:

The name of the database is “work”. The folder that I want to index is called work, too (thats why I chose this name for the database). In DT I have to cklick on the database “work”, than on the folder “work” and then I can see the content. (image attached)

I’d prefer to see the content of the indexed folder directly. I tried to drag & drop the folders in DT. This works fine, as long as I don’t make any changes in the root folder, in this example “work”. DT seems to ignore this after dragging the subfolders out of ist.

Maybe it’s a bit weird to follow, so I made some screenshots. I hope this helps you to figure out, what I mean.

Thanks a lot

Sorry, but that’s not going to happen unless you don’t index the parent folder. Index the individual folders into the database and you will see them at the root level when you select the database.