Indexing from iCloud: what issues should I expect?

I’d like to have some documents on iCloud, but I want them to be indexed on DT3.

I’ve read here and there in this forum that indexing on iCloud is not the best option.

May I ask what issues I may encounter, so that I can decide if it worths it?

Thank you!


I’d like to use Obsidian for my Markdown files (because of some automations that make processing Markdown files very easy), but I need to keep them in the Obsidian folder inside iCloud.

I need it because I use also the iOS version of Obsidian, that is sandboxed (at least I suppose), so having Obsidian to process the files already stored into DT3 is not an option.

can you please link to where you read this. Helps us address your concerns.

your second step after that would be to re-read the commentary in the DEVONthink Handbook about indexing and ask about what there is causing concern.

finally you need to pick and choose a reliable third party cloud service that works and syncs files to your Mac file system vs retaining all or some files only on their servers “to save you disk space” like MacOS and Apple icloud does if using option to “optimise Mac storage”. Not useful to most.

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Ok so I see the issue may be the “save disk space feature”.
Thank you for your reply.

BTW: any “serious” storage to suggest? :smiley: