Indexing images (jpg, png, etc) within other DTPO dBases

Hallo everybody,

strange question here!
I have many DTPO dBases (i.e. “.dtBase2” files), organized according to my research themes, and within each one there are many images imported (jpg, png, or even gif sometimes). I would like to be able to index (not import) all images without the need of “exporting” them from each dB and putting them in a new one? This is basically because many images (not all, to be true) are directly linked inside some kind of “index” html-like document I keep in many dBase for quick reference.

I know, strange question… 8)

PS: thanks for any help/suggestion/workflow

EDIT: I even thought to use third party apps, like Ember or Pixa (or anything else you could suggest), but it would be just adding a new dBase program to my Mac… unless really useful, I wouldn’t overcharge my HDD :wink:

A common problem. Here’s what you could do:

Export your images to the file system. Then index those folders in all your databases. Think of it as sharing your files with yourself.

The first step will take some thinking. I’d suggest setting up the arrangement you want (hierarchy, names, etc.) in the source database before you export them. If the export meets your needs, close the source database. Make a duplicate of it for safety. Open one of those copies and delete the image groups, then index the external folders. Be careful – you’ll lose all your replicants if there were any.

Keep the safety copy of the original database (the one with the images still inside) on a backup drive until you’re satisfied you like this arrangement.