Indexing/Importing large Word files

I am a current Notebook user and have been using DEVONThink Pro on a trial basis in anticipation of making a purchase. So far, it does everything I want it to do except import/index large Word files. And by large, I mean on the order of 1.2 MB with extensive use of footnotes, custom numbering schemes, and cross-referencing. The import/index eventually fails, leaving me with a partial file of 0 characters. Is this a failing of the RTF/Word translators, or a known limitation of DEVONThink Pro itself? I have searched and read the forums, but have not seen anyone else describe the problem this way.

Would you please zip archive the large Word file and attach it to an email to Support, with a description of the problem?

Is TextEdit able to open the docs as expected? Because as both TextEdit and DT Pro use the Word converter of Mac OS X, the results should be identical.

Solved the problem on my own. The Word file contained several macros left over from a conversion from NisisWriter. Once I deleted the macros, it imported/indexed just fine. Thanks for your reply.[/i]