Indexing/importing Omni Outliner 3 files?

I now take notes using Omni Outliner (Pro) 3. So I’ve got a lot of .oo3 files with valuable text content in them. Is there any way I can get DevonThinkPro to index and/or import those files?

Currently the best way would be to “print” the OO3 documents that are especially useful as PDF, using the Save to DEVONthink Pro script in the Print panel (first click the PDF button to allow choice of the script).

Alternatives would be to expand all in OO and export to rtf, then drag that anywhere you want in DT. The advantage of this is that you can edit the document, or split bits off into their own notes, etc.

You can export the OO3 files as OPML file and import that into DTP. With this you`ll get the whole structure outlined with groups and files in DTP.

– no support for multiple columns (you’ll get only the main column and the notes)

  • you’ll lose formatting
  • in case you have note-Text in parents they will end up in the comment while the not text of the lowest child level will go to a file.

But the advantage is, that the whole things is preserved as outline to use in DTP within seconds.


As far as import of OO3 files is concerned, there is no problem with DTP: I have tons of OO3 files in my DTP’s database; I can double-click on it to open them from within the database, modify it and resave it without any problem.


Phil, I just want to clarify. Do you import the OO files, or index them?

Rickl, I just import them and open/edit them directly from within DTP
“Linkback” links from oo3 documents stored in DTP to other documents (in my case Omnigraffle documents)… even if the pointed document is also stored inside the DTP’s database… does not seem to work
After the cut-paste operation from the Omnigraffle document to the Omnioutliner one, subsequent modifications on the original Omnigraffle document is not reflected in the Omnioutliner one.
More ( :smiley: ): the “Modify with Omnigraffle” contextual menu of the Linkback link in OO3 opens a new instance of the link, not the original Omnigraffle document

And… :frowning: … Linkback does not to work at all with NisusWriterPro document stored inside a DTP database