Indexing mac alias files


I’m just starting out with DEVONthink Personal and I have a question about indexing. I’ve decided that indexing rather than importing would be best for me given my workflow, but when indexing a file folder I noticed that mac aliases do not get indexed. This is a big bummer for me.

Can anyone confirm that this is the expected behavior? Or is there a preference somewhere I can check? I can’t see any preferences for indexing, though in Preferences>Import I do have “other files” checked.

Sorry if this is obvious or has been answered before. I’ve tried searching the forum and the manual but couldn’t find anything about how mac aliases are handled.


When indexing, DEVONthink resolves aliases or symbolic links to the original. DEVONthink does not store the actual aliases or symbolic link in the database. Links or aliases imported into DEVONthink will, at import time, resolve to the original file and a copy of the original will be place in the database.

You’re right - it would be useful if the tutorial on Indexing mentioned this.

That said - I’m finding that on Mountain Lion, DTPO 2.4 is not consistently resolving aliases to an original when the alias is indexed. It works sometimes, and not other times. Not sure why, yet - or if this affects DT Personal - and, therefore, the problem the OP mentions.

Ah, I see. I was expecting it to resolve aliases on indexing, but it just seems to be skipping them for me (DT Personal 2.4 on Snow Leopard).