Indexing many files – a good idea?

Like many folks here, I combine the strengths of Obsidian and DevonThink and I wonder if my approach is reasonable. Instead of indexing an entire folder in DevonThink, I index each file individually, once it is created. (DevonThink offers a Folder Action, which does exactly this). The reason for my strategy is that I want to see a new file in my inbox and then use the sorting power of DevonThink, to sort it in a group / folder in DT.

This approach works so well that I would like to extend it to other files (PDFs, images). I like the idea of having a very flat file structure on my disc and use DevonThink as some kind of “meta” database.

Any thoughts about this? Could I run into (perofomance) issues, having thousands of individually indexed files?

I am grateful for any advice. Thanks!

This shouldn’t be an issue, no matter whether the files are located in indexed groups or individually indexed.

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