indexing of Sente6 pdf attachments

What I am trying to do has been requested already but I think the solution might be easier than it may seem. I keep all the pdf publications relating to my work in Sente 6, which has adopted a Unix bundle approach, i.e. the pdfs are no longer kept in a folder in the file system (one that could be indexed by Devonthink) but they live inside the Sente library fgile which technically is a bundle.
However, all I want DT to be able to do is read the pdfs and index them, I am not expecting it to gain control over or alter the pdfs as such.
Turns out that Devonthink is able to do that, all one has to do is right-click the Sente library file, show its content and let Devonthink index the attachment folder that becomes visible.
The only thing that does not work is that Devonthink would not let you synchronize the pdfs that you added after the first round of indexing, i.e. one has to repeat the procedure from scratch each time a full representation of Sente pdfs in DT is required.

Is there a technical reason for Devonthink’s inability to synchronize a subfolder within a bundle, one that it is perfectly happy to index?

There is also the issue of the cryptically named pdfs but this is secondary and must be solved by the Sente folks.


I made an alias of the “Attachments” folder inside Sente’s library bundle. Synchronization seems to work.

Hope this helps,


Hi Roberto

interesting! I made it a symbolic link, hoping that these will break less easily than aliases when synchronized between two computers that have identical folder structures. I’ll see how it goes. Thanks