Indexing papers in Papers3 App

The Papers3 app stores the files in the Library subdirectory on the Mac. Is there are way to index that database from that location?

If no, is there a workaround?

The current workaround I am using is to ‘mount’ the Papers3 library via ‘Browse Library in Finder’ and then to index the library that way.

The advantage over directly trying to index the PDFs is that you can index papers according to various criteria e.g. keywords, flags etc.

Only caveat is that while it is still possible to search for papers within DT using that index, in order to be able to access and open PDF files you have to have the Papers3 library mounted.

Dragging in an individual file from the Paper3 virtual disk to DevonThink seems to work. Unfortunately, dragging an entire folder seems to fail symlink/alias files and thus fails to index the original file.

Is there anyway to enable dragging an entire folder with symlinks/aliases?