Indexing seems only to be working one way


I have indexed some folders in Dropbox. Changes I make to those folder in the finder appear almost instantaneously in DT3. At first, the same thing happened if I changed the folders in DT3. Lately, however, if I make changes tot he folders in DT3, the changes do not appear in the Finder, even after I select Update Indexed Files from the File menu.

Any suggestions about what might be going on?


It would be helpful to know your specific actions when you say you are making changes to the indexed folders.


Is this what you’re asking me about? Usually, I am deleting subfolders of the indexed folder. Occasionally, deleting files from subfolders of the indexed folder.



If you delete indexed files or sub-folders in DEVONthink, you also need to empty the Trash in DEVONthink for the changes to be reflected in the Finder. Have you done that?

Thank you! I must have missed that in trying to figure this out.


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