Indexing “stuck”

I’ve recently moved to a new iPad and after syncing over my databases in DTTG, I find that the indexing process is stuck. At the bottom of the sidebar I see an empty tiny pie chart and the message, “indexing 104164 items” which does not advance. It has been this way for a couple of days. Previously, when I sync’d over onto a new device, the “indexing” message would appear and count down, restarting from where it left off the previous time I had DTTG open and eventually finish indexing, but not this time.

How do I get indexing un-stuck?

Details; DTTG 2.7.1, iPad Pro 12 inch (2018), iOS 12.1.4, iCloud sync

Have you quit and relaunched the app?

Yes. I’ve restarted the app several times. Same result. The app syncs some databases and comes back to indexing with the same number.

In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Perhaps the logs will shed some light on it.

Will do. Thanks!

I am having the same issue, so wanted to post on this board.

I have opened a ticket as well.

I have the same issue. Indexing got stuck at some point and then it didn’t work since then.

Please open a support ticket as noted above. Thanks!