I am brand new to this application. I am trying DTP Pro for the first time today and although I have looked through the tutorial and help file as well as this forum, I have failed to find the answer to this query.

I have indexed a folder on my hard drive which contains almost all of my personal documents and files. There are about 4000 files.

When I add a new file, do I have to re-index everything, or is there a way to index individual files?

I assume that I have missed something really obvious!

Thanks a lot


Welcome, Andy.

No, you don’t have to reindex everything over and over again when new files are added.

Here are some options when you’ve added a new file to your Indexed folder:

[1] From within DT Pro, simply Index new files as they are added, either using File > Index or Option-Command-dragging new files to DT Pro.

[2] Use a folder to which a Folder Action script has been attached, e.g. the provided script that will automatically index into DT Pro new files added to the folder. Read the Help files in DT Pro and in Mac OS X to learn how to set this up.

[3] Synchronize the folder. This is powerful. But be sure to read the DT Pro Help files to understand how it works. For example, adding a new file to the synchronized Finder folder will index it to DT Pro. Moving subfolders about will also move the matching DT Pro groups about. But not the reverse. The synchronization is from the Finder file system to the corresponding groups/files in DT Pro. So adding, editing or deleting material to the DT Pro group will NOT carry that action to the synchronized folder in the Finder. But adding, editing or deleting material to the synchronized Finder folder WILL modify the contents of your database. (Exception: previously existing DT Pro content.)

So you can choose which capture mode best fits your work habits, or you can mix them as you choose.