Infinite nested file folders

In the list of what I have in DT3 there is a folder that seems to have an infinite set of recurring nested folders. I don’t know how it got there or what I did to create it. I can move it to DT trash, but Mac trash will not handle it (path too long). It looks like there are over 800 Omni outline notes, but there are only 7 that are replicated many times. Can anyone help me understand what is going on here?

Those records are indexed; where are the originals (post the path, please)?

Are you using another syncing process like OmniPresence to sync that folder in the Finder?

The are in a folder called OmniOutliner which is on an external drive called Files.

No. I am soon getting a new iPad at which time I plan to sync my OmniOutlines. At that point I probably won’t index them in DT. Do you have a recommendation?

In other words, the OmniOutliner folder is not itself a sub folder of a folder called Notes, and a folder called OmniNotes does not exist, which is how it appears on DT. I have only been using OmniOutline actively for a short time. I think I used it for a short time and only in a limited way back in the early days of Covid self-isolation; maybe I created an OmniNotes folder then and subsequently deleted it. I don’t remember. But the 7 Omni0utlines I have currently are all recent and would not have been in that folder (if it existed).

Select an instance of the group in DEVONthink. What is reported in the Path field of the Tools > Inspectors > Info: Generic inspector?

Select another. Is it the same?

Yes, the same in each case. And also shows that the file is missing – which of course it is from that location.

If this is of no help whatsoever, please delete. For months I worked with the good people at Omni to try and track down and squash a bug whereby the OmniOutliner files refused to show up in the Finder’s iCloud folder - chiefly because this is actually a ‘pseudo-folder’, which never actually exists. It is created (against a daemon???) by an Apple process in the ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~omnigroup~OmniOutliner directory, which you cannot control.

So, if - by any remote chance - your files have found their way to that location, anything is possible.

But, as I say, probably not useful. Good luck!


Please check out what @mksBelper mentioned and see if that applies to your case.

When I go to ~/Library/MobileDocuments I can’t find any folder having to do with omnigroup or OmniOutliner



I’m sorry to hear that - but not surprised. It seems to be a bug in the way that OmniOutliner handles the use of iCloud.

It may not be related to the phenomenon you’re seeing. But it could also perhaps help.

I think (I may be wrong) that if you have set up synching your documents should be there.

Control-click the OmniNotes group in DEVONthink and select Show In Finder. Where is it in the filesystem?

In my DT database I have a folder (group) called OmniOutliner. That folder has 7 notes and is easily found on my external hard drive where I store almost all of my files. Everything works normally and fine with them. There is also another group (screenshot) which has the nested folders in it. It does not show up on Finder and does not seem to function.
Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 15.52.17

Do you have any smart rules running that would file things into your Notes group?

I find it odd none of them are showing a duplicate property icon.

Here I’ve indexed a Finder folder into itself twice and you can clearly see the duplicate property icon (or they’d appear in embolden blue text, depending on your preferences)

It is odd I think. But also that they do not show up in Finder. I think they are just a regression of empty Folders. I really don’t know how there were created. I have no smart rules running.

I have now deleted them. Unlike a similar looking set of nested folders, Apple trash is also able to dispose of them.

Except for wondering about the how and why of all this, my problem is over.

I couldn’t reproduce the behavior here but I’m glad to hear it’s resolved now.