Info panel won’t stay open


I’ve noticed that when I press the ‘i’ button for info on a doc in DTTG, it frequently disappears again before I can get a chance to actually use it. The same happens for other options to the right of Edit, such as moving/replicating/trashing a doc. It seems rather random, and will sometimes be fine for the same doc for a bit, before occurring again.

We are aware of this problem but have not been able to reliably reproduce it.

Yes, it’s the same with me. As I was typing the query, it was suddenly okay, and then it wasn’t again. Going back into the same file now, it’s fine again, but for how long is anyone’s guess

I have had this same issue with iPad Pro 10.5”, and did some testing after reading this and other threads.

It seems that any movement of the iPad, in either portrait or landscape orientation, causes things like the Info popover menu to be dismissed.

Laying flat on a table, either orientation, the Info menu remains available for as long as desired. Pick up the iPad slightly, in either orientation, and the menu disappears. Similarly, using the iPad propped-up with the Smart Cover or similar case, the Info menu may stay in place or it may disappear, depending on how much movement your typing causes.

Thank you for investigating! We have located the cause just last week and fixed it for version 2.7.4 (due soon) :slight_smile:

That’s great news! Many thanks

Just downloaded the update, thank you for fixing this!

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