Information on DTPO plugin?

Where can I find more information on the DTPO plugin? Is it now working again with 2.0b7? Seems like it is, because I see it in my ~/Library/Mail/Bundles folder. But I’m not sure what it does!

Is there any way to select an email message (the entire message, not some text within it) and import into DTPO? If I click on the message in, and then go to the Services menu, it says “no services apply”. If I select text in a message, and go to the Services menu, I see this:

The plugin results in the option to send selected message(s) from Mail to a DTPO2 database (see the option under Mail’s ‘Message’ menu item), or to send a selected mailbox (see the option under Mail’s ‘Mailbox’ menu item).

You can also import mailboxes using the command from DTPO2, 'File > Import > Email.

There’s information about this in the online Help. Just click on Help in the DTPO2 menu, and enter a search term or browse the documentation.

Thanks, Bill. That’s fantastic!