Information panel and other little things


There is an issue with the information panel where the ‘Tags’ are not all visible if there are many. May I suggest a scroll bar? There is a similar issue with the ‘Location’ field, which can get truncated.

This is a workaround which is to resize the panel, but this is a nuisance.

On the subject of Tags, I’m not clear about the logic behind making all Groups into Tags by default. I would prefer to use Groups for basic structure and Tags for additional information, but not necessarily for them to coincide (what’s the point?). What about an option to enable or disable this automatic tagging?

Another couple of useful options would be:

  1. To have the ‘Information Panel’ appear as a sidebar as do ‘Words’ and ‘See Also & Classify’.
  2. To have the ‘OCR Activity’ window appear in the bottom left, under the database/Globals sidebar, as displays activity.

These 2 last suggestions would go some way to addressing the plague of floating windows all over the place.


Another issue with the information panel is that it vanishes when another application is active. So, if I want to refer to a document’s comments in an e-mail, I’ve have to copy them first. If I want to refer to the tags, I’d be stuck!


Have you tried the rather obvious solution of dragging it there?

Hi Annard

I’ve tried that but it’s then hidden as soon as I select anything. Is there something I’m missing?


It’s a panel, and it conforms to the UI standards as defined by Apple for panels. I modeled it after the one for Mail.

I’d like to force it to stay on top of other windows, or to make it translucent. I’ve tried Afloat 2 for this purpose, but Afloat doesn’t seem to recognize the OCR Activity panel.

Annard, can you think of a reason why Afloat may not “see” the OCR Activity panel, and is there something that one could do to adjust this?

Thanks for your previous posts and clarifications.

It’s a standard utility window, no special tricks are being pulled here…

Comment: I used to use Afloat, back in Jaguar days. But the last time I installed it (Leopard) I could see that it was creating OS X errors, so I gave up on it. Modifying the behavior of OS X can be a delicate and tricky business. I like some of the things that Afloat enables. But my premium is placed on a stable operating system.

When I want to have a floating window available for taking notes in any application, I use DEVONnote, with the menu option Window > Keep Windows in Front checked. I keep that floating window minimized in the Dock until I need it.

Hi again

I see what you mean about how it’s modelled on’s detailed activity panel. However, also has an activity “overview” in the bottom left of the main window, which I find much more useful.

Something like that, letting me know whether any OCR activity is taking place, would be great.

I’ll leave the suggestion.