Initial Syncing Just Keeps Trying forever

I have latest DTTG and DTP. I am trying after several times with failures to finally get syncing to work. Syncing works well between DTP on my two Macs using DropBox sync. Then I go onto my iPad Pro and try to set up syncing with DTTG. (Both DTTG and DTP are latest versions.) I set up syncing and it finds all the databases but when I try to sync one of the files it keeps showing the spinning circle after the database name. Even trying it for about 12 hours. I’ve set it to only sync the metadata (since the DT database is about 1.2GB). Am I missing something or is the database just too big? Help.

That’s a frustrating problem! Not sure exactly what could be causing that issue, but I can tell you that it is not likely due to the file size of your database. I sync a 2.6gb database (and “Sync Indexed Files” as well, which is about 6gb of data not included in that 2.6gb database), without issue (though the initial sync does take some time, about 35-45 minutes, given that my internet speeds aren’t top of the line).

So don’t worry about database size!

I’m having the same issue, I can’t sync the database, any workaround?

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.