"Initializing & Verifying" window stays

This is a minor annoyance, but I like to report it so you can maybe check the respective code next time you touch it.

I use QuickSilver Triggers to quickly change the from one database to another (“work/gtd” = Cmd+F1, “web archive” = Cmd+F2, “private/accounting” = Cmd+F3). Sometimes it happens that the window with the progress bar that is visible when opening a database stays active and therefore in the way.

My solution for this is quite simple: I just change the database one more time and change back. Using the triggers, this is a thing of a second or two. So it is not critical or anything, but an annoyance.


I agree that this is annoying. Could you see in the Console if there is some message logged that may indicate why this happens?


the Console does not show anything, but while reproducing the issue I actually found the trigger and maybe even cause: Spaces.

The described behavior happens only when I trigger the change of the database while being in another space. It never happens when I am already in the space DTPO runs in.

So this is either a Leopard/Spaces bug or there is some tweak required to make DTPO cooperate with Spaces fully.


I too had the non disappearing progress bar several times, but did not jet report it, because I could not track it down to give a useful bug-report. But after reading Svens observation I think I can confirm that it happens while space traveling (well we all know from various hyperdrive stories that space travel might do horrible things to humans. It seems that software is affected as well :wink: )

I have an AppleScript opening a database and triggering an external backup. It jumps to the DTP assigned space and I sometimes go somewhere else while DTP is archiving and when I come back the progress bar is there and not disappearing.


I’m not surprised.

Spaces is one of the features of Leopard that I don’t yet use, precisely because I’ve seen from the beginning comments like this for a variety of applications, not just DEVONthink.

A “stuck” progress window is irritating, but probably not a critical problem. But that behavior raises nagging suspicions that more serious problems might be possible, that could affect my data or my analysis of data. As I don’t like surprises, I’m passing on Spaces for now.

Whether it’s a Leopard/Spaces bug (probably), or a new environment requiring adaptation of the code of Mac applications I’ll leave to Apple and programmers to sort out.

That’s my “belt and suspenders” attitude. :slight_smile:

It may indeed be related to Spaces because today after using Time Machine it left the switch window on screen 2 and some popups from screen 1 appeared on screen 2 until I switched Spaces again.