Innoreader - Send to DevonThink Custom Format?

Any suggestions on the URL to send an Innoreader article/URL as a formatted note to DevonThink?

Innoreader content tags for the URL:

First post here, had DT for awhile but really starting to embrace it to organize my personal life. Cheers!


You have two options:

In Inoreader, make available your feed of favorites, then use that URL into DT to sync that RSS. You can then use a custom CSS style into DT. Once you want an article, favorite it and sync DT feed.

Second uses DEVONsave scripts ( DEVONsave: A shortcut to help you clip websites to DEVONthink To Go quickly and cleanly ( Once you’ve followed all steps described there, once you want to scrap an article, view it as original, then use the shortcut to capture it.

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Welcome @ben777

Innoreader content tags for the URL:

Where are you getting this information?

It is in the specific Inoreader documentation, but I cannot find now where it is. You can create a custom button that will share the current selected item, passing those parameters in the URL.

Theoretically, one could directly connect Inoreader with DT using that URL, the exported user feed (that exports parts of Inoreader content, like your manually added websites, your Favorites or even your entire feed as an ATOM/RSS/JSON/HTML), but you have to “mess” with a custom DT CSS file, because Inoreader has its own styles you must replicate if you want so see similar stuff.

For example, in my case, and inside Inoreader only, I have this custom CSS got from looking inside the Inoreader HTML generated code:

You should add those custom stuff to the DT custom CSS.

However, I never got a really working intercommunication, only the way I’ve described above using the DEVONsave Shortcuts stuff.

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