Insert internal link on external link


  • a document, there is an external link (URL http) to a PDF

  • i have downloaded this PDF and imported to Devon

How could one add the x-devon item in this PDF, on or near the original URL?
given that:

  • It is not possible to add this link to the existing link (what makes sens)

  • I tried to add the X-Devon Link in a Note at this place but notes don’t accept devons internal links.

thank you

Are these document/note files stored in Devonthink
What’s their formats?
Generally, I’m able to replace the original url with the DT link, but it depends on the format of the document

You can create a link annotation that is active in a marqueed region, I.e., you click and drag in an area to create a clickable hotspot and set the link in the Annotation properties HUD.

They are stored in Devonthink. Thanks for your idea but the goal is to keep either the orginal WWW - URL of the document (for sharing, for example), AND have a link to the document in my devon database!

Thank you

You’re welcome.