Insert Short date & time keyboard shortcut

In System Preferences, I have a Keyboard Shortcut in Services in the Text Section “Short date & Time” to which I use command/underscore in DEVONnote. I do not know why this works, but it does. When the Mac changed its format, so did that, but it satisfies my needs. On my wife’s MacBook Pro (which is my old one), I purchased a copy for her, but it is not in System Preferences.

  1. Why not?
  2. Where did mine come from, as it is not in any DEVONnote menu, and why does it work?
  3. can I create a macro or something that will do the command-D/space/command-E/space?

Thank you

It’s not from DEVONnote and it’s not from Apple. It’s WordService from us: … d=download

Not without a third-party utility or AppleScript.
BTW, what exactly is your command sequence supposed to do?

It just did this in a Rich Text Note:
6/20/18, 15:10:21

Sorry, I missed this reply :smiley:

I pride myself on putting everything in DEVONnote, but did not log WordService anyplace. I will make sure it is put on my wife’s box this evening.

Sounds good.

And, it worked! (And I added this information to my DEVONnote note!)

Thank you,

Glad to hear it.