Inspector concordance cloud


I am not able to see in the right column menu the function “Concordance” Cloud.

When I installed Devonthink3 I remember that function works ok.

Now, I can see it anymore.

How can turn this option visible in the right column? Show be nice do it also for Graph.



@BLUEFROG could you help me?

Welcome @ulbrich

The Concordance inspector is a feature of the Pro and Server editions of DEVONthink 3.
Select ​DEVONthink 3 > Purchase ​to open our online store with upgrade options specific to your license.


No problem :slight_smile:

Hi @BLUEFROG. A just update it to DevonThink Pro. I have another question.
When I use Inspector > Concordance > List it appears some words that I don’t like to use (eg. and, for, as, to, the, in, etc).
It is possible to suggest a list of words to not consider in DevonThink?

You can’t modify it yourself but there is a StopWords file provided with DEVONthink. @cgrunenberg would have to comment on why it appears to not be working as expected.

Thanks @bluefrog. I understood your point. But I think that I need to try it, just to check if it can solve my problem. I just want to eliminate prepositions and short worlds like that.
@cgrunenberg and @BLUEFROG is it possible to explain how can I work with StopWords? I haven’t DevoNavigate, it is necessary for that?

I’m not sure what DevoNavigate is but the StopWprds isn’t something you interact with. And common words like a, an and the are included in the file.

Ok, thanks for you answer @BLUEFROG.
I think I did wrong questions. Let’s try in another way.

I would like to find words that help me to find “concepts” inside each text.
More than that, I try to find how these “concepts” are connected with each other.

How can you do that?

I’m looking for a cloud that shows main concepts.

Please, see this picture attached.

Try the Cloud view…

See it

See it

Type ⌃8 to open the words panel.
Right click on the words you want to exclude.
Select: Exclude Word

You can look online for lists of stop words. Open a document with all of them, open the side bar, select all and exclude all.


Hi @Bernardo_V.
Thanks for your help.

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Thanks @Bernardo_V and @BLUEFROG

It works!

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You can exclude words via the contextual menu (and on demand show the excluded words again).

You’re welcome, @ulbrich. The stop words list is not synced (as far as I know), so if you are using DT3 in more than one mac, keep the file around and repeat this in your other mac.

Right. Thanks for that.