Inspector Search in files with long lines

And now that I’m starting to see ChatGPT style queries everywhere, it’s becoming annoying a bit that I have to scroll and look for highlights. Maybe a ChatGPT integration is possible so we can use natural language and get a summary of our documents?

A ChatGPT integration is highly unlikely. As noted in another thread…

ChatGPT is like a child magician. Sometimes it will surprise you, but often you just politely clap while rolling your eyes. :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

In my case, the transcript is a long file in json format so all the lines have been saved with \n rather than a real carriage return or end of line delimiter.

Why don’t you scrub the text and remove the \n instances?

I’m either misunderstanding or you’re reporting abnormal behavior…

I’m seeing the same behavior in a plain text document, essentially what JSON files are.