Install DEVONthink on OneDrive

Is it possible to install DTP on Onedrive and sync back to the Mac as with other standard files?

I’ve looked, but can’t see this discussed anywhere - perhaps with good reason lol…

Neither the application nor databases should be located in cloud folders but it’s possible to index items in cloud folders.

No, you can’t install DTP on OneDrive. And as Criss mentioned, you should not and cannot put DEVONthink databases in cloud-synced folders or you could irreparably damage them.

Thanks both for the confirmation. I thought that may be the case.

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Side question: what if I indexed the files in cloud folders, and then “un-downloaded” from local in order to keep them in the cloud and save space?

(Hope it makes sense…)

Best to try and see what happens. Report back.

I’d probably not do that as how apps handle missing (and pretending to exist locally) files in the local cloud sync folder is a mystery and my hunch unreliable, but maybe it works. I don’t do it … yet.

Somebody here probably knows, but I’d still be leery and hence I suggest you test yourself.

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This is not a good idea. You should be indexing local data that remains local.


Ok not a problem, just a thought.
Thank you all for your replies.

You’re welcome.