Install Disk Image Missing Files?

The readme PDF distributed with the disk image install download indicates that it lives inside a scripts folder subdivided into these three folders: Additions, Script Menu, Examples.

Mine isn’t.

What I see are four folders: Droplets, Folder Actions, Mail, and Workspaces, plus the AboutTheseScripts PDF.

The tutorial describes how to import from Apple Mail using one of theser scripts, which it says is available from the “Extra” entry of the Scripts Menu. Not so here. I have no “Extra” entry. My attempts to add scripts, etc., from the Help Menu are unsucccessful.

So…Was my disk image broken? Where are these scripts. What is the correct way to install them?

Ok, I’m answering part of my own question:

The script menu referred to is NOT located on the DT menu, it’s on the overall OS X menu, but is not enabled by default. Once I’d done that (via the Applescript Utility in the Applications folder) , the “Add mesages to DevonThink” entries were there.

I’ve noticed a few other posts here about similar problems. However, the guidance about installing and using these scripts is, at least in my eyes, a bit confusing, especially that bit about looking for files that aren’t there.

Yes, DT Pro 1.0.2 changed some things. It’s hard to keep the documentation current. :slight_smile:

As a brand-spankin’ newbie, I have to say the docs are excellent. But…here’s what I’d suggest when it is time to bring out a new edition: A separate guide that explains the “why” behind each of DT’s capabilities. The manuals do a very good job of detailing DT’s capabilities, and explaining how to use every one of the program’s menu entries. But, they don’t do so such a great job of telling me why I might want to do each of those things.

For example, what is the purpose of a Group? What does indexing do? What’s the auto-classify capability for, etc? When’s a good time to use linking? What is “State” and why should I know about it?