install new beta


Every time a new beta comes our and I try to install it, the clipper will not shutdown so it can be replaced. Could you please tell me how to kill the clipper service so i can install the new beta? Also, could you please automate the process for future releases? Thanks.

E.g. via DEVONthink Pro’s Dock menu or the popup menu of the Sorter.

From now on upcoming betas should handle this automatically.

Thanks. One problem is that, after attempting to install the new beta, my old installation of DTPO would not launch. I would also like to suggest that you either change the menu title in the clipper or add another item. The menu item is labeled “hide” which does not really indicate that it will quit the clipper. Maybe, keep the “hide” menu item and add another item named “quit”.

Thanks again. The install worked fine after hiding the clipper.