installation issue

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I can’t install the latest version of DTPO. I am getting an error message that says it can’t be installed because “BTToolkit” is in use. What is this? I have closed every open program and restarted my Mac, but get the same error. I can’t locate this file. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I had exactly the same issue. Rebooted and closed most all of the utilities that were running in the background and still received the same message. Ran terminal and the bwtoolkit framework is not even a running process!
What worked for me was to run the application from the dmg instead of copying it to the applications folder. It will tell you that’s not the proper way to run it, and ask if you want it moved to the applications folder. I said yes, it copied it there and then installed without a problem. Crazy!

I had this issue trying to update to 2.8.6
Your workaround worked for me mobileliving.