Installed the update - can not import mail&attach from mail

If you take a look in Mail, is the attachment actually downloaded? “Doesn’t work” is pretty unspecific - what happens? Is the attachment saved to the path to temporary items?

Is Mail allowed to control DT?

If I’m in doubt where things are failing in a script, I add display dialog “got to 1”, display dialog “got to 2” etc. to salient points in the script.

@Blanc I can open the attachment even when offline, so I guess yes (I don’t know how else to check)
Thanks for the tip with the ‘display dialog’!

Yes Mail is enabled to control DT3.

The catch is that the temporary items folder doesn’t contain anything, the attachment
is found in:
/Users/XXX/Library/Containers/ Downloads/<SOME ID>/

and not in temporary items folder /private/var/folders/n1/g264rckd5xz5lb968276ny080000gn/T/

Maybe this path changed between versions?