Installing DT for small office?


I work in a small university department that has approximately 50K pdf documents (average of 3 pages per document) that we are planning to image to pdf this summer. We will outsource the bulk of the scanning, and keep up with the weekly scanning using in-house equipment. I would like my 10 office users to eventually use DT to index, search and view the pdf documents we scan.

DT seems like it has many of the right features to allow us to index and search these documents - however I have been unable to find information on a few questions that will help me choose the right edition.

(1) Network Installation: How can I install DT to allow users to access the same pdf library, located on the local shared server (what version is required, how many licenses, etc)?
(2) What version allows me create and track categories? we have a taxonomy that will be 3 levels deep for most documents.
(3) What version is required to allow DT to automatically index any pdf we add to the document repository on the server?

I appreciate any help or links to other threads on these topics. Thanks!

  • Eric
  1. All editions of DEVONthink are able to index & synchronize folders but only one user can use a database concurrently, therefore all users have to maintain their own database.

  2. A hierarchy of groups (maybe including replicants) should be sufficient for this.

  3. See above. Another possibility is to maintain only one database and to use DEVONthink Pro Office’s webserver to provide your users access via browsers.