Installing DT Pro

I have been running a demo copy of Devonthink office pro. I have purchased Devonthinkthink Pro and would like to install it. How do I go about uninstalling my copy of Devonthink office pro without losing my database?

DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office share resources so you will not lose your Global Inbox. Also, any other databases are individual package files, isolated from the application. So, just delete the DEVONthink Pro Office app, fire up DEVONthink Pro and you’re done. (And stay away from those uninstaller apps. They cause us plenty of problems in these cases. )

Thank you, I will follow your instructions.I’m glad you mentioned the UnInstaller app; I was going to use it.

It does work for some apps but since Pro and Pro Office share resources, it would delete the shared App Support folder and your Global Inbox would be deleted (and any custom scripts, etc. you may have added). Cheers! 8^)

Any general purpose uninstaller better let you select what to delete, but it’s ultimately the user’s responsibility to know what actually is/isn’t safe to delete.

I’ve been satisfied with how Hazel’s App Sweep feature offers support files to trash when trashing an app. It missed a few things when recently used with DEVONagent Pro before reinstalling “from scratch”.