Installing Mac extensions tries to install on PC (Parallels)

I just upgraded to Firefox 6. Figured I should make sure I have the latest DEVONthink personal. Downloaded 2.2.1 update from 2.2 and that’s when the oddness happens.

I open the install add-ons and check everything but the jot widget since I’ve disabled Dashboard. Safari opens and asks if I want to install etc. Just what I’d expect. But then the PC (Parallels) version of Google Chrome and Firefox open. Even if I have the Mac versions running. I also tried it with the Mac versions not running, didn’t help.

I’d gladly install manually but I don’t have a clue if this is possible and if so how to do it. Elsewise if I could get the extensions ‘delivered’ to the Mac versions of Firefox and Chrome I’d be happy.

Suggestions please.



I had the same problem whe I installed DevonThink and also after updating it to the newest versions.
Strangely, I do NOT have firefox installed within the bootcamp Windows installation that I use with parallels.
I only have Firefox installed under OS X. But when trying to install the Firefox plugin DevonThink starts Parallels and tries to start Firefox from within the Windows environment.
I would be very happy if DEVON could solve this annoying problem.


Unfortunately this is an issue of Parallels, not one of DEVONthink, as Parallels is patching the system. DEVONthink is just telling Mac OS X to open the extension with “”.

But the extensions are also available on our downloads page: … nuals.html