Installing WordServices killed my DN-NewNote-Key!!


I currently installed the WordServices service plugin for OS X which is very useful.
However, afterwards there was some strange behavior of DevonNote, as trying to create a new note with Command-Alt-8 or 9 (= Command+"{" or “}”) seemed not to work any longer, when I had selected the contents of a web page in Safari.

Today I finally found out why:
WordServices uses the same keystrokes for inserting date and time …

How can I resolve this problem?
As the download of WordServices is also provided on the devon-technologies-webpage, it should not interfere with the Devon apps…

I would like to use both services, can anybody tell me how to find out a “free” keystroke which does not interfere with any other app in my system?
(That might be very difficult, I suppose).

The second solution for me would be to remove the short keys (but keep the service menu items) and to have access to the “new note in DN”- and Word-Services commands via Quicksilver (a tool I really love) - is there any way to create new notes (text and rtf) in DN via Quicksilver?

Kind regards


The number of available shortcuts for services is limited. You might use ServiceScrubber to remove unnecessary services and remove conflics of shortcuts.

Hi Christian,

thank you very much - Service Scrubber is really very useful!

How about the second part of my question?
Can you tell me how to use DevonNote in combination with Quicksilver for even faster creation of Text or RTF notes?


Hi, Martin. I don’t have Quicksilver, but perhaps a Quicksilver user can respond.

How many notes per second do you need to create?

Here’s how I would do it.

Be sure Quicksilver has the text and services plug-ins activated, as well as the trigger for entering text mode (I think it’s built in, but check the Trigger preferences).

When you want to write a note, you invoke Quicksilver in text mode by typing Control-T. Type your note in the first pane. Hit Tab. In the second pane begin typing “DevonNote.” You should immediately get DevonNote’s “take plain note” Service. Hit Return. Your note is now in DevonNote, and you’ve never had to switch applications or touch your mouse.


@ beebrain:

Thank you very much for your hint - that’s already the first part of what I’m searching for, I had not found this “append plain note”-service in Quicksilver yet.

The only thing I’m missing there is a way to enter a special name for the note, is there a separator key for this QuickSilver service?

@ Bill_DeVille

You got it the wrong way - it’s not the question how many notes per second I want to take, but how many seconds it takes me to create a note and how it disturbs my Workflow.

The DevonNote Service-Menu-Commands are great, so with Comand-Alt-9 I can easily create a DevonNote-Note from a selection or web page.
However, when I want to create a note “from scratch”, I need something where I can type my note: a text editor or DevonNote itself.
So, what beebrain proposed was already a good solution.

Sure, I admit I also could jump do DevonNote, hit Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-N for a new note, etc., but leaving the application I’m currently working in always meens a distraction from the current work…

The feature I’m still missing is the following:
I have created some groups in DevonNote for kind of a Computer Journal, where I note e. g. when I installed or updated an application.
So it would be great, if I could create a Text Note directly in this group - from QuickSilver or directly in DevonNote

I think that might be possible with an AppleScript, but I’m not really good in programming AppleScript…
If anyone can recommend a website with

Kind regards


Hi, Martin. I use an approach that might satisfy some of your needs.

Alexandria posted a tip on the forum about a little utility called Afloat (Google it) that allows one to designate a window as floating and semi-transparent.

I have a DT Pro document that I use as a daily journal and miscellaneous note repository. Each time I open the database that contains my journal note document I configure it using Afloat’s added options in the Windows menu so that it can float over any application. Then I minimize it to the Dock using the Command-M command.

So when I’m in any application and wish to make a quick note or drag over selected text, I click on my journal note’s icon in the Dock and there it is, ready for action. That’s very handy for me.

Hi Bill,

I’ve never heard of afloat yet, thanks for this interesting idea!