Instapaper and PDF (One Page) is blank

I’m getting blank PDFs using the “Reformat with Instapaper” and the “PDF (One Page)” option in the DEVONthink clipper in Safari.

The “Reformat with Instapaper” option will work fine on the same website when selecting a paginated PDF or web archive. Unfortunately, I strongly prefer a single page pdf.

This is an example website that gives me a blank PDF:

This seems to work over here. Does it work after logging out & in again or restarting the computer?

Restarting fixed it, thanks!

I often see this as well. It’s a toss up as to when it will happen, but some sites seem worse than others. Occasionally the first clip attempt will produce a blank page, but a subsequent clip will work as expected.

I just experienced this again with a fairly straight forward wordpress post. … lementary/

Strange… in Chrome it works as expected here.